Close Your Eyes

By Xavier Wei

I myself define my artistic approach with the paradoxical image of the closed eyes, "The only tool of visual observation at our disposition but also the object of our inquisitive regard – the eye has little – by – little lost its primary importance. It even comes to pass that it attaches importance to deceitful appearances that occult reality. On the other hand, if we close our eyes, we find ourselves lacking any familiar reference point, and so we must then invent a new mode of approaching the real. But, by closing our eyes, we spare ourselves from perceiving the illusory information these open windows on the world deliver us, and by this fact itself, we approach a bit closer to the real. By closing your eyes, your feelings, sadness, joy, serenity, desires, needs take on a deeper and more intense meaning. So close your eyes and forget the anguish that grips us when we are deprived of vision. Maybe in this way we’ll find, both you and me, a new manner to draw closer to each other."