My Creative World

By Xavier Wei

I started my works with the images of humans, complete human images. There was no individual difference in the human images in these works. The human images in each work could be you, me, or anyone else.

At that time, a human image was a symbol, the symbol of life to deliver some of the ideas of life. The personal experience of joy, sadness, or tangled emotions without a solution, was often vague and difficult to explain. As a result, I drew a person, then another person, and another, etc. A person in a different scene passed a different atmosphere.
In that world, a human image was to pass the emotions in the paintings. It was a representation of the totem of life. There was no individual difference, because it was not needed.

The summer of 1997 was a turning point. I began to draw the series "CLOSE YOUR EYES". This was an initial change. I found their own unique characters in their faces after they closed their eyes. When the virtual context is removed, the totem of life, or the human image, will lose its dependence on the scene. This becomes the start of its independence. Every face in this series was independent in his own world (27x19cm format).

"CLOSE YOUR EYES" meant the absence of sensory part of the communication channels in a way. The absence of this part also inspired the importance and development of other sensory parts. Symbols like individual faces were gradually clear. They were no longer a generic composition of molecules. The distance between them was gradually separated. Since then, everyone has been a unique person and has had his own character and story.

On the Lips, 2011

The language of the lip.
A face with eyes closed is still the same face. It is clearly recognizable.
In 2011, I began painting half of a face with the lips at the center of the screen. I tried to show emotions shown by a complete face using limited elements-- half of a face. These lips reveal all kinds of feelings, emotions, and stories. Words that are said, holding back, or lingering between the lips. What secrets does the person with the lips try to tell you and me?

The work is the current presentation of the creator. It is not only emotional thinking, but also the creator’s exploration and experimentation of life.